OD Shipping after having imposed itself 12 years ago, during its start-up, as the emerging player in the Far East Steel Shipping Market, has nowadays evolved operating as one of the most specialized LEADING BREAK-BULK STEEL SHIPPING OPERATOR WORLD-WIDE.

OD Shipping has proved its leadership by achieving in a very short period of time the trust of very well know European, Russian and Chinese steel mills and players, shipping more than 2,5 million tons on more than 160 vessels every year.

Our vision is to focus our efforts on helping the Steel and Shipping market to forge a strong synergy!

Specialized in loading steel (mainly Coils, Slabs) on regular conventional break bulk vessels from all the main ports in Europe, Russia, China and PG to the main Mediterranean and European destinations but with main focus on import into Adriatic Sea, Od Shipping operations are supported by its branch offices as well as the Italian Head Office